How to Get Free Website Traffic Using ClickBank

There are some really great reasons to love ClickBank. They really can make things pretty easy for you. But the biggest reason that you should put your business on this site is because of your potential for large amounts of free website traffic. ClickBank will provide free traffic for your business in a couple of different ways, but the   먹튀폴리스     biggest way they do this is through the simplicity of their affiliate programs.

So, here’s the deal. I head on over to ClickBank right now and become an affiliate for thousands of different affiliate programs. With a quick search, you can find a number of different products to promote in a number of different target markets. This is a great way to generate some extra income for your business. Every day people are going to ClickBank in order to include affiliate links on their blogs, websites, and in their email marketing. O.K., so here’s some great numbers: With my least popular ClickBank product, I get an average of about 25 visitors per week to my website.

Now, I admit that 25 free visitors per week isn’t something to get to excited about, but keep in mind that these 25 visitors are people who are looking for a profitable affiliate program. If only one of these 25 visitors per week decide to become my affiliate, then that is 1 person per week that has decided to start advertising my website for me!

The trick is that you want as many of your website visitors from ClickBank to decide to become your affiliate, and there are a few simple steps that you can take in order to make this happen. One thing you need to do is to create a pitch page that really stands out. Usually affiliates like to see a really great sales letter. I have spent weeks on just one sales letter trying to make it the most impressive sales copy possible so that normal visitors will be compelled to buy and so that people looking for an affiliate program will have faith that my sales copy will sell, meaning money in their pockets.

There is a rather large correlation on ClickBank with the types of websites that have tons of affiliates and with the types of websites that have zero affiliates. What I like to do is occasionally look at the websites that have zero affiliates in order to try and figure out why nobody wants to participate in their affiliate program. Usually it is pretty easy to see why certain website’s affiliate programs fail. One big thing I see often is websites with very poor graphics. For a few hundred dollars you can easily hire a company to provide you with professional looking graphics for your digital product, for your website banner, and for your sales letter.