Samsung Sgh-T429 Review – A Post On The Samsung Sgh-T429 Mobile Phone

The Samsung SGH-T409 is a wifi-capable flip phone with 21 MB of internal user good old ram. dejadesktop by 160 pixel resolution, and the resolution of the external 4 gray display is 96 by 96 pixels. The 1.3 megapixel camera features 4x zoom with auto focus, adjustable brightness and timer. The user can choose from among various effects, including negative, sketch and aqua, and also from different picture qualities, such as SXGA and SQCIF.

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The Samsung SGH-T209 runs using the GSM 1900, 1800 and 850 MHz wavelengths. Users can talk for of up to 5 hours and the it will stand by for up to a whopping 200 days. Personal Information Management functions come a problem phone, and will include calendar, currency converter and world the moment. It is a useful cellular phone for connected users, and the popular flip construction guarantees a endurance. Samsung has built a reputation over recent years of delivering a fantastic cell phone with great value and features, likewise this cellular phone does not disappoint.