The cars are considered as a symbol and status of a person in the middle east. Driving sports and luxury cars is a fashion of youngsters nowadays. Apart from all these, cars are a basic necessity for people.

Dubai has numerous luxury and sports cars. The business is progressing in Dubai from real estate to cars. People are buying off-plan properties in Dubai, and some are buying cars of the same cash value, and by this, you can imagine the luxury of such cars. The prices of cars are still cheaper than in the US or UK with the added benefit that UAE is an oil-rich country so affording the fuel is not an issue that is why people go for more classy and supercars in Dubai.

Here are some tips you should follow before buying a new car in Dubai.


This answer to this question varies from person to person, and it depends on your preferences, income, and interests.

Generally, if we talk about cars in Dubai, 4×4 are very popular and loved, and you will see a lot of them on the roads and deserts. Many owners who are driving SUVs will convince you to buy that, as the drive on the roads and desert of UAE is smooth when you are in an SUV. These SUVs lowers the percentage of risk, and are perfect for driving in sand and even beaches, where you can pack your bags and load your car, and you are good to go.

The negative side of this car is they consume a lot more fuel than the usual sedan car. They are hard to stop especially at higher speeds than the sedan, and at the higher drive, you have to be more careful.

On the other hand, the sedan has its style and preferences. If you are going for a regular car, then you can buy some extra wild car that you could have never dreamt of back in your home. It depends on how much cash you have, as there are multiple options like powerful dodge cars, mustang, and a beautiful Mercedes.


The market demand of the car must be known, and you should calculate the future demand of the car before buying one, as the resale of the car depends on the reputation of that specific car in the market. Most of the Expats tend to change their cars with short intervals of time to get the experience of driving different cars. The bigger names, like Honda, Toyota, Nissan e.t.c, tend to hold their prices for a longer period, as compared to the Korean made cars like Hyundai or KIA, as their prices are depreciated much faster.


You don’t need to buy the car from the first dealer you met, as it is recommended for you to shop around and look for the best deals you can get. The dealers are nice usually, and they provide you with the best deals that excite you but be aware of some special promotional deals they are offering you, as they tend to sell their older stock to make way for their new ones.


You can find a slightly older car so that you can find the best deal. The brand new cars are more expensive, so you can start finding a very slightly older car that can save your money. You can find a one year older car at the time when the buyers for new cars are expected to come out, at that time dealers will want to sell their old stock to buy the new one.


It is really good for you if you can afford to buy the car at cash upfront, but there are also some loan policies that you might try to buy your dream car. There are two types of loans.

The Bank Loan: It is the kind of loan in which the bank owns the car for you and you drive the car while paying its monthly instalments, and once you are done with instalments you can own the car.

The Personal Loan: It is a person or a private company financing for your car, but the interest rate is a bit higher in personal loan. You pay monthly instalments for the car but throughout the process, you are the owner of your car.

A luxury car is a passion for riches in Dubai. Buying a car in the city is so simple and affordable. Well, the car is a necessity for many, as you have to go to work and visit several places like visiting your already booked off plan property in Dubai. You should follow these tips and be aware of everything before you buy a car.